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VIDEO: RUSTBELT – “Fade the Mix”

RUSTBELT, the new project from John Chiaverina, formerly known as Juiceboxxx, released the video for his debut single “Fade the Mix.” As he walks through a parking lot singing, clips of him performing in the past come flying in, which is a nice touch because the song is about the artist’s journey finding sense in life up to now. Gradually,

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AUDIO: RUSTBELT – “Fade the Mix”

RUSTBELT is the new project of seasoned rock star formerly known as Juiceboxxx, and he’s out with his debut single. It’s a sprightly pop tune where RUSTBELT chronicles profound events in his younger years in a self-deprecating way. He claims to always be wrong in a world that’s not black and white, and doubles down on acting like a clown.

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