Juiceboxxx and Wavie Gang Added To SXSW 2018

Today, South by Southwest unveiled their third drop of artists set to play the festival this year, following up massive lists of artists released in October and November. Among the names mentioned in this most recent drop are Milwaukee’s Juiceboxxx and Wavie Gang, who will be joined by Milwaukee natives Dead Horses in Austin this year (and we’re announced previously).

You’ve likely heard of Juiceboxxx, who has made a name for himself with his own unique brand of punk-aesthetic hip hop, and has gone from high school student to renegade hip hop nomad. Wavie Gang is a relatively new collective, consisting of members Wavie Boi D, H1 Da Hook, Gass Mann, Marx Solvila, J’Mika Deshazer, Sucka Free Rocko, Jay Nyce. No word on how many or if all of the group will be in Austin, but in any case, it’s a good thing to see Milwaukee represented in the official sense at one of the music industry’s biggest annual events.

For the full list of artists unveiled today, check out Stereogum’s release of the list. You can check out Juiceboxxx and Wavie Gang via the videos below:

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