Large Print Album Release Party At Cactus Club

Large Print,

In an exciting installment of eccentric band bills at Cactus Club, indie rock band Large Print held their “End Scenery” LP release party Saturday night while enlisting industrial dance-pop trio Dogs in Ecstasy, Madison “plastic metal” band Solid Freex, and Chicago avant-rockers The Hecks to bring an exciting blend of artful yet danceable entertainment.

Large Print consists of vocalist Grace Mitchell, guitarists James Brickner and Eric Risser, bassist Jay Joslyn, and drummer Andy Grygiel. End Scenery is the follow-up to last year’s EP, “Strength VIII.” They blend a melancholic vocal delivery with intricate guitar riffs, perfect for a dreary cloudy-day walk along the lake.

“I never know what to do with my body on stage,” Mitchell said. “That’s the hardest thing with just a microphone…when should I sway, when should I wrap the chord around my neck…your body becomes part of the performance. I used to stand perfectly still the entire set but in Chicago I laid down on the ground and that was responding to the crowd.”

Brickner and Risser had been in the band Blonder and began writing songs together, taking them into the project that would become Large Print.
Strength VIII had been self-recorded, while End Scenery mostly got recorded with Kevin Dixon at Humdrum Studios. Grygiel adds how their album moves forward from their debut EP.

“Before we were all together (Brickner and Risser) had different ideas already written up and they added bass, drums and vocals secondary, whereas for this everyone was there altogether for the songwriting process.”

“I feel like my shadow self comes out a bit,” Mitchell said about the lyrics on End Scenery.

Large Print is embarking on an East Coast tour this summer to support their new album; it takes them through southeastern Canada and then toward New England. They play Riverwest FemFest on June 2nd

“I can’t wait to claw each others’ eyes out,” Mitchell said lovingly.

Dogs in Ecstasy consists of vocalist/keyboardist Molly Rosenblum, guitarist/vocalist Willy Dintenfass, and drummer Tony Dixon. It had been their first show since January. Their last album “Dreams and Gripes” came out a year ago from May 11th.

Circle A is a favorite of the band to play at.

“It is a fantastic venue,” Rosenblum said. “If there’s like five people in there in feels like a fucking crowd…it’s awesome.”

The band is currently working on new material to record this summer, which explains their recent live hiatus. They have been on the road in the past but not so much as of late.

“We started out touring more; Willy tours pretty extensively with Juiceboxxx and so he’s tired…life’s tiring. Usually it’s three or four-day weekend bursts but we’ve done a couple two-week runs. It’s difficult to fit into our lives,” Rosenblum said. “We’ve traveled across the country but we’ve never done a West Coast tour. We drive Willy’s minivan and if we went across the Rockies in that thing I’d be a little terrified.”

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