Saebra & Carlyle Play Cactus Club

Rock and roll outfit Saebra & Carlyle played with explosive, gritty demeanor at Cactus Club Monday night along with experimental pop artist Bum Alum, indie rockers Vanity Plates, and Nashville rockers PONCE. This had been their first show in a month since playing Ayre In The Square on July 13th.

Saebra Laken sings with a distinctive rock-friendly rasp and alternates her body movements between tantalizing swagger and headbanging while Carlyle Nowak shreds on guitar. Mary Joy (of Fox Face) plays bass and Jesse Buskov drums.

Laken says this has been a different way of using her voice.

“You always gotta muster the courage to whip yourself into a frenzy. This is the first time I’ve done anything like this (with my voice) – with a full band. I used to just play acoustic guitar and it was all just like sad-girl songs. This is, at thirty-two, a different experience for me. I didn’t even know my voice could do any of these things so the quality of my voice does depend on what we’re doing here.”

The band has dropped three singles that are currently on Bandcamp – “Blood,” “Burnt Cocaine,” and “Rabbit Hole.” Laken describes their subject matter.

“Everything is about revolution and changing the world and reclaiming back your power…basically saying fuck you to the Man. We’re at a time in our society where things are very volatile. We’re reaching a point where we’re tired. A lot of fucked up shit is happening in the world and you might feel powerless. There’s alotta people suffering and feeling vulnerable at the hands of the one percent and rich white people…so the content of my songs is all about reclaiming our power back and saying “no more.” I want people to feel inspired and powerful.”

Saebra & Carlyle have a full-length debut LP dropping this fall titled “Wild at Heart.” Although it shares the name with the David Lynch movie, the two have no relation.

“It’s seven songs and about twenty-five minutes. We’re trying to get that out because we’re already writing and planning our second album out. The woman that did our Saebra & Carlyle logo the first time she ever saw us was like “this sounds like the soundtrack to Wild at Heart, have you ever seen that movie?” and she had no idea that was what the full-length was going to be called. We were all just floored. It was just the name that came to me but it had no ties to the movie.”

Laken shares how art is her way of making a difference in society.

“It’s unfortunate because there’s so much to go around for everybody and there’s no reason to live in the world that we live in. It’s like, “how can I make change?” and I fucking do whatever I can to make a mark but also I’m a creative and this is my way of saying “fuck you.” Music is the best thing about humanity…it’s the best thing humans do…art in general. It’s the best thing we have to offer in this world.”

Saebra & Carlyle have a lot in store for the rest of the year – in addition to their album they have a split EP with King Eye & the Squirts coming out this weekend and they embark on tour out west in October. In the mean time they play X-Ray Arcade on Friday, The Sh*tty Barn in Spring Green on August 21st, and Bremen Cafe on September 12th.

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