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AUDIO: Vanity Plates – “Over the Sound”

Indie rockers Vanity Plates are out with their first new single in over three years! Vocalist-guitarist Alex Shah shares sentiments that feel vividly familiar as we keep getting older in spite of the pandemic putting our lives on different tracks – hobbies becoming chores, doing what you say you’ll do but feeling selfish about it, growing distant from those once

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Vanity Plates Delivers Energy to Nausicaa

Indie rock outfit Vanity Plates concluded Friday evening’s bill at Riverwest DIY venue Nausicaa, playing alongside southwest bands Yipee! and Neutral Shift, as well as Milwaukee poet and rapper Dave Kevin Adam. Vanity Plates’ current lineup consists of vocalist/guitarist Alex Shah, bassist Jenna Pepitone, and drummer Shane Timm. Shah’s brother Palmer played guitar and sang with them for this show

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