CRLSS Plays Monday Night Dream Pop At Cactus Club

Experimental dream pop duo CRLSS (pronounced “careless”) closed out Cactus Club’s bill Monday night, playing alongside Philadelphia experimental synthpop outfit Son Step and Milwaukee lo-fi beach pop duo HiYAN.

CRLSS consists of Ryan King and Juliet Jaeger. Their sound regularly ventures into dark ambient, darkwave, and synthpop territory – largely driven by King’s erratic microphone dancing and tortured delivery, as well as frequently shifting tempos. Jaeger contributes keyboards, samples, radio DJing and visual art to the project. They met while working at the Riverwest Colectivo warehouse. Their name had been chosen by King; he claims it came from the idea that people don’t care about something he holds in high regard – in his case, his music.

“We’re not introducing our songs or telling you to like our Facebook page. That’s a turnoff for me when bands do that – not to talk major shit…I just don’t like that, cuz if they like you they’re going to sincerely go like your page,” King said.

They have had a prolific output as of late with their EP “Heroine Swoon” out in April, album “HS” out in May, and single “Youth Cloak / Voyeur” out on May 29th.

“It was a huge motivation from WMSE to get our shit together and put something together in a timely manner,” King said. “There are alotta songs I have stored up and to make them into a cohesive album or EP becomes difficult when it’s two people and we’re bringing all kinds of different instruments and different field recordings. It becomes difficult deciding what could go on something – and then in that process it was initially supposed to be like ten songs, however I think right now peoples’ attention spans are not much longer than five or seven.”

They are working on even more new material currently; supposedly Jaeger’s old GameBoy is involved.

“All my old games are still in good condition,” Jaeger said. “I’m playing it like an instrument. Instead of playing the game to win I’m playing it to acquire the particular noises where I want them.”

CRLSS plays Bremen Cafe on August 25th and plays the Pabst Brewery/Taproom on September 7th.

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