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AUDIO: Goldbloc – “Thirty-Six-Ohmz-Sit-Down-Hot-Boi”

Lo-fi hip hop instrumental artist Goldbloc is out with a new collection of tracks. Ryan King’s latest obsessions grab from different electronic subgenres and collagist inspiration, marked by frequent shifts in pattern sequence. The result is a downtempo excursion ideal for some incense-tinged relaxation; “Perfect Drug” gets mechanically groovy while “PianoMan” is suspenseful techno. King has taken quarantine to focus

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AUDIO: CRLSS – “Winter Warmer”

Dream-grunge project CRLSS has a new EP out. All tracks here were performed live straight through, utilizing the AudioKit tools of the iPhone X. The result is a series of lo-fi hip hop instrumentals meant to heat us up just a little. We’re talking “Mittenz,” “Sweaterz,” “Scarfz,” and “Hatz.” Ryan King is always up to something crafty; he’s really been

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AUDIO: Goldbloc – “Daphne’s All Night Diner Favorites”

Ryan King of CRLSS has a side project Goldbloc, where he focuses on lo-fi instrumentals and chillwave. He accumulated field recordings this summer from around the Riverwest area as well as minimalist samples to craft experimental electronic beats, culminating into what is here. With crackling aesthetics and glossy glitches, Goldbloc is in a fun direction of innovative relaxation. “Chards” in

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AUDIO: CRLSS – “Memory Tap Scars”

Grunge pop duo CRLSS are out with a new record. In visceral display and soaked in reverb these songs reflect powerlessness, past traumas, nostalgic pain, and self-deprecation. Vocalist Ryan King has said this is his proudest work yet; he truly basks in guitar-driven neo-psychedelia that well accommodates his tortured lyrics about insidious demons. Like past releases, there’s plenty of electronic

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