Deep Femme Plays Solo Set at Riverwest Public House

Singer-songwriter Deep Femme appeared alongside dream pop outfit CRLSS and Appleton’s Cave Paintings at the Public House Thursday night. Her short yet eccentric moody-folk narratives have become a favorite at various Riverwest venues including Quarters and the Public House.

“My favorite thing is when there’s alotta dynamic shifts in my songs and I go quiet, and then nobody’s talking and I’m like “holy shit, they’re all paying attention!”.”

Deep Femme is Charlotte Hill. Her latest album “At Least It Pretty” dropped in February, which originated as a writing project she had worked on after writing her upcoming new album, “Hell Girls Hymnal.”

“I was like “all these songs are super long and I want to write something that’s not long” so I decided to write a bunch of short songs that ended up all being around two minutes. (At Least It Pretty) I recorded in my bedroom. It was really organic…I think part of the reason I liked writing it so much was because Hell Girls Hymnal was so hard to write. A couple of the songs I played tonight are autobiographical songs about my struggle with addiction…those songs took months to write. But the songs on At Least It Pretty I just *wrote* them and they were very conversational and straightforward….more emotional, less intellectual. I feel like I write two kinds of songs…they’re either weird and trying to be spooky, and then I write very old-style folk punk.”

Hill sometimes performs with a live band, but she has no problem doing a set on her own.

“This is actually what I’m more comfortable doing. I’ve been playing solo for like two or three years and the band is something that came together in maybe the last year…and it’s pretty haphazard. It’s obviously easier when one person has to commit to a show than four. The band is great though, and I’m really into collaboration. I really like working with my band because they have ideas I don’t have and they put sounds in there I don’t think of. I wrote this whole album that we’re putting out right now – I did all the lyrics and chords…they added things but I had a lot of control. The next album I’m gonna be working on, my cellist and lead guitarist are gonna be working with me and co-writing it.”

Riverwest Public House recently held a fundraiser show to save it from closing. Deep Femme performed there and she is grateful the place is still alive.

“My husband and I got married here so that’s one thing…it’s a really good place for queer musicians and queer people of all professions and hobbies. It’s a very safe space as far as bars in Milwaukee. I feel real safe here and have really good friends here and the bar is really great.”

Deep Femme’s album may be out in the next month or two, and she hopes to tour in fall. The next album she is working on she describes to be a “space-folk concept album” which will explore isolation in space and AI consciousness.

“I think if you don’t keep growing you die. I’m not interested in playing the same thing. Some of my biggest inspirations have evolved over time. I would like to do that.”

She plays with her band at the Public House again alongside Rent Strike on June 27th.

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