Artist Spotlight: Deep State Park

Daydream pop project Deep State Park played their first show under their new name at Up & Under Friday night, going first on a bill also featuring experimental pop project CRLSS and prog-rockers NeoCaveman.

Deep State Park consists of vocalist/guitarist Hans Jaeger, bassist Cade Agathen, and drummer Logan Blatt-Prevatt. Jaeger originally formed his project as Peacebone (named after the Animal Collective song) in 2017 before renaming it Talisman this past summer, but now he has settled on Deep State Park with this new lineup (this had only been their second show together). He explains the new name.

“We were playing as Talisman, but there are two reasons why we changed it. One is because the former bass player ended up just stopping showing up, and he came up with the name, but I figured we’d run with it since it was a pretty cool name until I went on Facebook and checked it out – there’s another band from Finland called Talisman.”

He describes the sunny pop jams he has brought to this band.

“I’ve written them all myself, with a little help here and there. I come up with the chords and rhythm and they catch on. They’re all simple enough where it’s fairly easy for them to pick up. We haven’t recorded anything yet but we’re saving them up for a special occasion. We are planning on releasing a mini-album at some point. As anybody does, these songs are about going through life experiencing certain things that make you angry, sad, or that don’t conjure such a bold emotion but are a situation where you’re like “is this some sort of book or something?” and where I couldn’t think this up in my imagination. You take inspiration from all around you.”

Deep State Park plan to keep playing more shows, now that they have a new lineup and a new name. One can tell from the look on Jaeger’s face when he is up there jumping around playing his songs that he is incredibly excited about his new direction.

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