Tonight : Nickel&Rose EP Release [Audio+Interview]

Tonight (April 20, 2017) – 8:00 PM
Club TimbukTu

(520 E Center St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212)
A bit about the band, from the band:

Nickel&Rose is a powerful Duo from Milwaukee, Wisconsin playing a unique style of blues and jazz that blends Soul, Americana, Swing, African and Arabic music.

Musicians Johanna Rose (upright bass) and Carl Nichols (guitar) bring their diverse musical backgrounds together to create a new style of American music. 
Whenever I listen to Nickel&Roses’ newest release “Oh Sweet Love”, a six track EP recorded in Berlin, Germany during their 2017 tour of Europe, I can’t help but close my eyes and imagine a sunny train compartment somewhere in the countryside between Bucharest and Krawkow with Johanna and Carl crooning along to the sweet melancholic chords of her upright bass. The songs are both timeless and current, and in addition to five original tracks, the EP includes a haunting version of the traditional folk/bluegrass song “Red Rocking Chair”. This past week I got in touch with Johanna Rose to ask her a few questions about her most recent time in Europe and her musical endeavors.

B&E: How long have you been playing music and singing?

ROSE: I started playing Upright Bass when I was 9 but didn’t start really singing until about 4 years ago.

B&E: Was it something that came naturally or that you have developed over time?

ROSE: Nothing necessarily came naturally but I was drawn to them so willing to put time into it.

B&E: Who is one artist you have on repeat right now?

 ROSE: I just went to an Elephant Revival show so I’ve been listening to their album, “These Changing Skies,” as well as the Album, “Voyage,” of this Cora player we meet in Hamburg named Saliou Gissokho.

B&E: What is your favorite venue to play shows at in Milwaukee? 

ROSE: There’s a lot of great venues in Milwaukee. I’ve played a lot at Company Brewing, Cactus Club, And Mad Planet over the years which all have great sound. Turner Hall is beautiful and every time I play there my grandma tells me about how she use to do gymnastics as a kid there which makes it more endearing to me. Nickel&Rose recently played at Jazz estate which was remodeled when we were gone and looks awesome.  We are releasing our EP at Club Timbuktu which is another great venue. I think a good show can happen anywhere though. I’ve seen amazing performances in living rooms and basements.

B&E: How does touring and playing here compare to your time touring in Europe?

ROSE: Touring is wonderful because your only task is to get to the next place and play a good show. Here I have a life.  I have to balance between family, work and art. Nickel&Rose were really well received in Europe, now we are home and wondering if Milwaukee will like us too.

 B&E: What other Milwaukee music should we be on the look out for?

ROSE: Caley Conway, Abby Jeanne, Gauss, SistaStrings, Sugar Ransom, Airo Kwil, Zed Kenzo, Painted Caves, Grasping at Straws, Duckling, Gas Station Sushi… the list goes on and on

B&E: How does Nickel&Rose compare to your other projects/bands?

ROSE: Playing in a duo is a lot different than playing in a nine piece band like my last project New Boyz Club or other larger ensembles I’ve played with. Everything is exposed, there’s less noise to hide behind if I make a mistake. It makes me better and challenges me in that way. I’m really loving the intimacy that comes with playing with less and only acoustic instruments. It doesn’t feel empty like I maybe feared it would before we started. For some songs you can say more with less.

B&E: What is your favorite track from your EP?

ROSE: Carl’s song, My Father’s Only Son

B&E: Of the countries and cities you visited, what do you remember most?

 ROSE:Riding trains, the sunrise over Bucharest, the women singing Christmas carols in Ukraine, the smell of hot wine, the sound of the Roma singer in Transylvania, the pastel buildings in Ternopil, polinka, street art, the Ubahn, Paris’s tiny staircases, Polands cobblestone roads and the lights.

You can catch Nickel&Rose

tonight at Club Timbuktu with Caley Conway .

Hope to see you all there!

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