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INTERVIEW: Caley Conway, the Ethereal Songstress

It is hard to describe Caley Conway and her music as anything but ethereal. With a voice that lulls you into a daydream and lyrics that bring you back to earth, she combines sharp wit with warm melodies to form a style distinctly her own. “Silk for Life“ , her first full length album with Caley Conway and the Lucy

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REVIEW: Bishop Briggs: (You Know, She Sings That “LIKE A RIIIIVERRR” Song)

This is a tad bit late, well more like 2 months late, but memorable all the same. Sunday nights are tough for shows, no matter how much you love the band. And I’m not going to lie, at the time I got tickets to see Bishop Briggs, I liked her, but I didn’t love her. I found myself singing the chorus of

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Tonight : Nickel&Rose EP Release [Audio+Interview]

  Tonight (April 20, 2017) – 8:00 PM Club TimbukTu (520 E Center St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212)   A bit about the band, from the band: Nickel&Rose is a powerful Duo from Milwaukee, Wisconsin playing a unique style of blues and jazz that blends Soul, Americana, Swing, African and Arabic music. Musicians Johanna Rose (upright bass) and Carl Nichols (guitar)

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