REVIEW: Bishop Briggs: (You Know, She Sings That “LIKE A RIIIIVERRR” Song)

This is a tad bit late, well more like 2 months late, but memorable all the same.

Sunday nights are tough for shows, no matter how much you love the band. And I’m not going to lie, at the time I got tickets to see Bishop Briggs, I liked her, but I didn’t love herI found myself singing the chorus of “River“, her current single, to anyone willing to listen in an attempt to get them to the show. Because 1. It’s a good ass song  and 2. The tickets went on sale for half price like a week before the show. So you’re damn straight I was going to get my money’s worth and have a bomb ass dance party, if not mostly out of spite.

Landing on the heels of Arte Para Todos, I thought Bishop Briggs’ show would be a complete flop. Like your third cousin’s oboe recital at 2:00 p.m. on a Tuesday in Janesville level of flop. Her show was anything but that.

I had mentally prepared myself for disappointment. My friend Dianna and I made a pact that we had to stay until at least 9:30 as we walked in from the street. To my surprise, Turner Hall Ballroom was buzzing with anticipation, largely aided by the three obvious tinder dates happening immediately in front of us as we filed in. SHAED & Manatee Commune came on first; both clean efficient pop bands that kept your attention, but didn’t draw you in. At this point, D and I found ourselves checking our phones. “Only 45 more minutes and we can go to bed.”

The electronic drum kit of “Dark Side” began as the lights dimmed. You could feel the collective gasp. Although her set design seemed vaguely reminiscent of a deadmau5 concert (see logo), to say Bishop Briggs’ ethos was anything but infectious would be a lie. She got myself and my severely hungover accomplice to stay through the encore AND she packed Turner hall on a Sunday night. Somewhere between “Walls” and “Wildhorses“, I realized Briggs had not stop jumping for the last hour and a half, yet she sang each subsequent song with increased vigor and urgency. Her show continued on at a blistering pace, each song ebbing and flowing into the next in a flurry of pigtails and incredibly crisp vocals. Someone standing near us said it best, Bishop Briggs seems like “Lorde’s edgy older cousin on speed.”

Although I still would not consider Bishop Briggs one of my favorite artists, there is no denying she put on an incredible and energetic show.  The production value, infectiousness of the music, and her stage presence absolutely make her an act worth seeing.  You can catch her next on August 4th at Lollapoloza.




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