Review: Broods and the Strumbellas have new fans in Milwaukee

102.1 FM Milwaukee put on one of their many exposure shows to celebrate 10 years of being a station. These shows are meant to give new exposure to bands and help them gain a new fan base. This time around they had Broods and Strumbellas stopping by the Rave to share what they got in an intimate setting.


Broods started out the night and blew everyone away. A few notes about the band before I get to the music. First of all, lead singer Georgia Nott is everyone’s new girl crush. Her dance moves, her high energy and her New Zealand accent had everyone swooning. Second of all, Broods is a brother/sister duo. How cool is that? It’s everyone’s dreams to start a band with their siblings (I know my sisters and I have always wanted to), and they are actually doing it.

The broods Rave

Photo Credit to the Rave

Now that you know how cool the band is, back to the concert. As soon as Georgia came out, the crowd went wild. This set the concert at high energy from the start. She has such a sultry, haunting voice that has you entranced the whole entire concert. Georgia not only keeps you hooked with her sound, but also with her dance moves. She never stays in  one place. She joked about being worried about tripping over the microphone. However, she didn’t that let her be afraid. She still constantly danced around on every inch of the stage and surprisingly enough without letting the microphone cord get in the way, hyping the audience up.

The Broods sang their hits from “Bridges” to “Four Walls.” They even made a shout out to all fathers for Father’s Day and sweetly thanked all their workers who are fathers for being there. They sang “Mother and Father,” and their nice gesture made you love them even more. They are releasing an album on June 24th, so they audiences a taste with new songs, “Heart Lines,” “Free” and “Bedroom Door.”

After hearing these songs, they immediately made me fall in love.  I always love going to concerts where I don’t know the musician because it allows me to discover new artists. With that being said, the Broods left me wanting more. I have already found myself listening to them constantly.

Honestly, Strumbellas were no different. They’re a band consisting of six members. They have the typical drummer, singer, guitarist, bass player and keyboard player. However, what sets them a part from the rest is the fact they have the added an extra surprise, a violinist. What is even cooler is the violinist is from the one and only Milwaukee. She even had her whole family there to support her.

The Strumbellas Rave

Photo credit to The Rave

The band reminded me of the Lumineers. They had an indie-folk sound and their lyrics have up-lifting messages. You can’t help but smile. They have amazing chemistry on stage. Between songs they had lots of witty banter between each others and even made Wisconsin references with being Packer fans and cheese fans. You can just tell they have a great time together on stage, which made the audience have an even better time.

They sang and jammed out to many top tunes like, “War,” “We Don’t Know,” “Rhinestone” and more. They even sang their hit “Spirits,” a song that was first played on the radio in Milwaukee. They stepped back from the microphones and let the audience members belt it out.

Their energy and fun-loving attitude left you loving everything about them. They go out on stage and just enjoy themselves, making it difficult not to enjoy it yourself. Like I mentioned with the Broods, they made me want to continue to jam out to music and become a major fan. I look forward to seeing what I continue to discover from them.

Overall, the exposure show was a success. It allowed the crowd to be exposed to new music that they will continue to listen to beyond the concert. It made me and others excited to see what is coming up next for these artists.


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