Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 2/6/2015 – Jessi Mechanic

This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Jessi Mechanic, an indie singer/songwriter that has taken her dreams out of the midwest to the Big Apple. Jessi is a transplant to Brooklyn, but a native Milwaukeean, and that midwestern appeal carries over in her band’s music. Their debut EP, “Wandering In Roam” was released in November, and it’s clear that this Milwaukeean is ready for the biggest stages when you listen to it.

The EP begins with the title track, a energy-filled introduction to her sound. The track bounces back from a soft, sweet verse to a more lively chorus. It’s clear that Jessi is a true vocal talent, with a jazzy sound on a song where she gets to show off subtly with gripping, bended notes throughout. The track is followed by “Just Be”, which keeps up a similar energy. Built largely around Jessi’s voice once again, the rest of her band gets to shine as well, with a catchy organ line that will definitely stick with you after you initially hear it.

The middle of the EP is “No Life At All”, a softly sung track that gives Jessi another chance to show off her range. While her voice is a great asset, it should be noted that everything on this EP is well crafted. Very simply, her sound is essentially melodic pop with an indie rock edge, and she does it very well. This is evident on songs like “Somehow”, a rant about people in her life, and arguably the best song on the  EP (my favorite, anyway). The project closes on “The Weak”, a fun track that carries some echoey backing vocals and guitar effects, but never loses that indie sound.

Jessi Mechanic is definitely a name to watch on the national scene. With an abundance of talent, and through creating a name for herself in New York’s indie scene, it may not be long before we see her take off to much bigger things. Check out “Wandering In Roam” below:

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