Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 8/8/14 – Space Raft

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Space Raft, a group focused on making quality pop-rock. In May, the band released their self titled debut album. For many bands, a debut album can sound kind of cluttered; generally it features the best of the band’s formitive days, figuring out their sound. Space Raft’s debut, however, sounds much more put together than most debut albums. Attribute that to clever, solid songwriting, as well as strong production to aide the band’s sound. The album was recorded at Howl Street Recordings, as well, which seems to be the place to go for great sounding records. All of those elements put together add up to a great album.

If you’re into comparisons, Space Raft’s sound is sort of like a blend of OK Go, with just a touch of 80s era Cheap Trick, and a bit of psyche influence as well. Obviously, that’s sort of a wide variety of bands to compare them to, but putting all of those elements together creates a great hybrid that you’ll want to keep listening to. The band is definitely past the point of finding their feet, and they’re ready to keep their momentum going. The band has shows coming up across the midwest, and with their sound, they may be taking their band to the next level soon.

Stream Space Raft’s debut below:

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