Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 12/6/13 – Bili Ro$e

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Bili Ro$e, an up and coming emcee whose latest project, “Last Supper” deserves to be heard and spread. Part of collective The Lost, Ro$e’s “Last Supper” is a big indicator of where hip hop is headed, and he is one of the local trailblazers expanding their sound. While many people are concerned about making purist backpack hip hop or focus on big trap beats, “Last Supper” explores the territory of a hip hop/EDM hybrid, and Ro$e’s flow works well with those sounds. Lead single “The Talk About Me” is everything you would want in a single; a catchy sample for the hook, and a dubstep beat with just enough bounce to move a party when necessary.

As solid as the single is, the rest of “Last Supper” isn’t a one-and-done mixtape by any means. “Kiss of Death” is a standout in the middle of the release, complete with Odd Future-esque bent vocals and trap hihats galore. It’s followed by “Land of The Lost,” which plays like an anthem for the group, complete with a power ballad sample that gets flipped on it’s head to say the least. This is a solid project from start to finish. The stellar production throughout this project takes Bili Ro$e’s flow to the next level. With all of the minute touches and tweaks throughout, it’s also clear that “Last Supper” was not a rushed release. That extra time and effort was well worth it, making for a standout project and well worth the free download. It will be interesting to see where The Lost moves forward as a group, but with this project under their belt, one can only expect that this is just the foundation for a solid line of releases.

Check out the video for “The Talk About Me” below, and then click the cover to stream/download “Last Supper” via DatPiff.

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