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AUDIO: LBN667 – “Remembering”

Electronic project LBN667 has a new release out on Sickle Moon Recordings – the project’s first new music since 2018. Comprising two tracks, this EP has a muted, tranquil quality to it that sends your mind floating gently into skies of stars and dreamy, meditative bliss. With elements of ambient house and post-dubstep, LBN667 delivers a pair of radiantly halcyon

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AUDIO: Zeebra Hammer – “Quagga”

Electronic act Zeebra Hammer released new music in the last few months, which is the first we’ve heard from him since 2021. “Quagga” is one such album, named after the extinct zebra-like creature. There’s eleven tracks here that encompass abrasive metallic textures and meandering drum and bass clatter. Chaotic sonic pathways with lots of bells and whistles bring a whimsical

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AUDIO: Moonbow – “I Like It”

Electronic producer Moonbow’s latest single has cybernetic energy all over it. With a thumping beat underneath a repeating robotic voice of approval, the tune is certifiably a club earworm, hitting us with walls of bass and rousing drops. Moonbow keeps the house straightforward and satisfying with “I Like It,” ready to heat up the summer nights of downtown Milwaukee around

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AUDIO: Cntrlla – “Tragedy Eternal”

Electronic producer Cntrlla’s got a new EP out. It’s three tracks and finds the producer going for more of a cathartic, angst-ridden demeanor. With slimy bass and gloomy cacophony, there’s an overall feeling of peril and plight; there’s even a robotically altered School of Rock sample in the second track. It’s a crafty and solidly executed EP from Cntrlla as

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AUDIO: Decipher & Thred – “Pounds”

Bass producers Decipher and Thred teamed up for a recent single on Biophaze Records. With robotic, mechanical wubs that pound and shred and zap, the producers are ready to make everyone lose their mind with these bass drops. There’s both suspense and style here, bringing cybernetic apocalypse to mind. It’s a dubstep headbanger from Decipher and Thred – check it

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AUDIO: Travvy Trav – “Biphoria”

Electronic producer Travvy Trav recently dropped a new single celebrating bisexuality. As the title suggests, it’s an ecstatic, intoxicating tune that takes a jovial piano sample and lays it down with punchy bass. The song could have you feeling yourself in your room but is perfectly capable of getting the club moving too; be proud of how you identify with

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