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AUDIO: Sulestial – “FUNKIN MKE”

Electronic producer Sulestial dropped a new single today. He’s dedicated to bringing the funk to Milwaukee music with this one, doing so with flavorful horns, bass and wobbling synths. Beaming with smiles and charm, Sulestial has the perfect tune to kick off your Friday night. We hope to hear more delightful dance cuts from him in the near future.

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AUDIO: Thomas Xavier – “Money in the Bank”

House producer Thomas Xavier dropped a new single out on Pharaoh Phonix Records. Xavier’s tunes are known to take us on cosmic adventures through time and space, and this song keeps that knack for daring adventure going with flow too real and a rhythm rhyme. The beat thumps powerfully, arousing excitement while retaining a sense of mystery; Thomas Xavier is

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AUDIO: Plaid Hawaii FT. Evan Lane – “Just Be You”

Tropical-psych bass producer Plaid Hawaii’s latest single is pretty self-explanatory; it’s about living your best life and staying true to yourself. Featuring vocals from Evan Lane, the song is soaked in sunshine-laden synths that feel a magnificent sunrise. Lane sings of how awesome it is to be yourself; it’s the best thing you can do for others at the end

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AUDIO: Thomas Xavier – “I’m A Boss”

House producer Thomas Xavier has kept it moving quick this year, launching a record label and releasing his “Good Dome” EP before it was even May. He’s got another new single out and it’ll have you grooving like you own the damn place. “I’m A Boss” has an underground nightclub flavor embellished with electronic zaps and stylish vocal repetitions, and

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AUDIO: Cntrlla – “Dismember the King”

Electronic producer Cntrlla’s latest single is ready to shred your ruler to bits. This one’s got a fuzzy, static bass drop that represents bringing justice to the titular evil lord, who lets out one last evil laugh before meeting his fate. Cntrlla is known for bringing elaborate scenarios to his music, and “Dismember the King” keeps his vivid imagination moving

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