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AUDIO: Riptide – “You Got Me”

Electronic producer Riptide dropped his debut single today on Focus Four Records. It’s a shuffling house tune with breezy atmosphere, dueling keyboards and synths and an animated hook, never getting too aggressive while still making you feel alive. There’s an extended mix of the track available as well. With a strong premiere tune, we look forward to what’s to come

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AUDIO: Decipher & Lights Out! & Lockvibe – “Area 51”

Producers Decipher, Lights Out! and Lockvibe all joined forces for a new single. The trio conjure an apocalyptic bass track that samples a guy contemplating how there’s got to be life on other planets. The bass drops are characterized like alien invasions, representing how measly our significance as people on Earth are. We can’t possibly be alone in the universe,

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AUDIO: Shxde – “Let Me Down”

Electronic producer Shxde released the first single from his forthcoming album. Featuring KASKIT, this one incorporates elements of witch house while retaining Shxde’s trademark dark-escapist style. As such, there’s an icy, cavernous atmosphere to this track that bounces with stormy production. It feels like being lost in the city at night in a daze. Shxde is still fresh off his

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AUDIO: D-Ski – “Outbreak”

Dubstep producer D-Ski dropped a new single this past week. With an action-oriented, apocalyptic feel, this banger invokes the theme of invasion. The bass drops take the premise of frantically trying to escape enemies, like you’re going from safe spot to safe spot. It’s D-Ski’s first drop of the year and it’s got that punch of excitement where you can

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AUDIO: Crysus & Rekoil – “Energy Hammer”

Dubstep producer Crysus teamed up with Maryland-based Rekoil for a new headbanger. Brace yourself for hammer time with all kinds of electrifying zaps and blasts that start heavy and slow but evolve into something melodic into the second half. If you feel like invoking godly powers to slay extradimensional invaders, this is your song to warm up. Crysus has a

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AUDIO: Deerskin – “Hippo Spirit”

Psychedelic bass producer Deerskin dropped his first tune of 2022 recently. It’s a wobbly yet stylish cut that brings to mind the image of a hippo strutting about with a song in its head. Deerskin has always brought a creative edge to his bass music, taking inspiration from Eastern sounds in tandem with trippy nature imagery. We look forward to

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