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AUDIO: Mystic Visitor – “Il Divino”

Dubstep producer Mystic Visitor has a new track out today to honor his late grandfather. He’s stated on social media that he believes it’s some of his best production to date; it’s a carefully sculpted and intricately assembled banger that utilizes drilling textures as well as synth waves. It feels like robots are using power tools and building something. An

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AUDIO: Bvdvpple – “Error Code”

Dubstep artist Bvdvpple is out with an EP of gems he’s produced over the last year. These cuts are atmospheric and deep, taking their time as they build momentum but retaining a keen excitement. The samples Bvdvpple incorporates here take us to other-worldly places and put us on the run from trouble. It’s a solid release from Bvdvpple, and we

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AUDIO: D-Ski – “HiHo”

Electronic producer D-Ski dropped a new track this weekend and it’s a one hell of a grimy dubstep jam. The bass zaps hit like a ton of bricks. It feels like the anthem to coronavirus getting eradicated once and for all, when we’ll all be back in groups celebrating the social joys we once did. D-Ski gets us ever-so excited

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AUDIO: King Fantastic – “Expats”

Ever since I was introduced to King Fantastic’s music, shortly after their “Finger Snaps and Gun Claps” album dropped, I’ve been eager for more and more music from Troublemaker and Killer Reese One. The duo have slowed down in some respects, but a new mixtape featuring remixes, edits, and blends of the tracks that helped develop their following is very

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AUDIO: Diplo – “Random White Dude Be Everywhere”

The internet is pretty powerful. If it wasn’t for it, well.. I mean… you’d probably be outside doing useful things instead of reading this. However, in the case of Diplo, the Internet is almost a lifeblood. With the rapid spread of his name, as well as his Mad Decent label as a whole, things get lost in the shuffle. That

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AUDIO: Diplo – Tennis Court (Diplo’s Andre Agassi Reebok Pump Remix)

Diplo is never one to really sit on new music. He benefits from platforms like SoundCloud, where he can drop single tracks at a time to keep his name up, and with the upcoming compilation “Random White Dude Be Everywhere” coming out soon, what better time than to drop a remix of mega star Lorde’s “Tennis Court”. Also, a very

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