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AUDIO: D-Ski – “Outbreak”

Dubstep producer D-Ski dropped a new single this past week. With an action-oriented, apocalyptic feel, this banger invokes the theme of invasion. The bass drops take the premise of frantically trying to escape enemies, like you’re going from safe spot to safe spot. It’s D-Ski’s first drop of the year and it’s got that punch of excitement where you can

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AUDIO: Crysus & Rekoil – “Energy Hammer”

Dubstep producer Crysus teamed up with Maryland-based Rekoil for a new headbanger. Brace yourself for hammer time with all kinds of electrifying zaps and blasts that start heavy and slow but evolve into something melodic into the second half. If you feel like invoking godly powers to slay extradimensional invaders, this is your song to warm up. Crysus has a

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AUDIO: Die By the Sword – “Memento Mori”

Minimal dubstep producer Die By the Sword has a new EP out. Think of the end credits for a movie where you did something difficult but you knew you had to do it – that’s what the title track feels like. “Terminal” follows it up with a tense, showdown-esque sensibility that keeps you at the edge of your chair. Die

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AUDIO: Crysus – “Dubplate Machine”

Dubstep producer Crysus has a new single out today. This one balances metallic and robotic sonics; the bass drop both times ends up sounding like a computer becomes alive, grows limbs, and starts going on a rampage. It’s an aggressive and pounding beat of meticulous clatter that was obviously very fun for Crysus to make. We hope to hear more

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