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G-Menez Sings About Turning Your Flaws Into Strengths In His Song ‘Purgatory’

G-Menez‘s songs have dark vibes accompanied by aggressive vocals that set an ominous, demonic environment. The heavy bass and chilling bells add to the hostile tone. His sound was inspired by contemporary, popular horrorcore, death rap, rap metal, and other sub-genres of trap music. He has always been attracted to the sounds of rock and trap together and it is

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‘I’ve Had Enough’ By Joe Day Is For All The People Who Just Broke Up With Their Toxic Ex

Joe Day‘s sound is a mix of hip-hop and pop punk. His music is influenced by the likes of blink 182, Sum 41, Neck Deep and Machine Gun Kelly. He has been getting into more trap music recently and is a big fan of Juice Wrld, 24k Gldn, Landon Cube, Sueco and The Kid Laroi. He loves the bridge between

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‘Gone With The Wind’ by Eryn Young Is An Emotional Journey Towards Self-confidence

‘Gone With The Wind’ by Eryn Young was inspired by the feeling of being stuck in a relationship you knew was never meant to last, and begs the other party to recognize that by letting you go. The lyrics are an intimate look into the feeling of being held back, missing your full potential and the slow build in confidence

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‘Wanna Be A Stripper’ by Shaye D feat South Memphis Lil Meka Combines Trap Music and Pop Culture

‘Wanna Be A Stripper’ by Shaye D feat South Memphis Lil Meka was created by three long-time friends that reconnected after five years of separation. This is the first collaboration from these artists and the track will make anyone want to break out into a contagious dance. Some people always wanted to be a stripper and live the lavish lifestyle

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Listen to DonnieSTR’s Catchy New Song ‘1st CONTACT’

‘1st CONTACT’ by DonnieSTR is the artist’s newest single. When asked what the song is about, the artist says, ‘When you step inside a new venue, new scenery, and you are the ‘flyest’, the highest and the most ‘vibey’ person there. I think my fans will connect to this song because of the sheer vulnerability of the track. Everybody can

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Jump Around and Have Fun with Mogley Miroma’s Track ‘something_Blue’

‘something_Blue’ is a track from Mogley Miroma’s newest album ‘floo&smoo’. This song in particular came from the artist’s need to create something he has not captured yet. He wanted to write something approachable but real. Usually, Miroma’s songs tend to be a bit despondent and dark so this time he wanted to have fun and create something joyful. The general

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