‘Wanna Be A Stripper’ by Shaye D feat South Memphis Lil Meka Combines Trap Music and Pop Culture

Wanna Be A Stripper’ by Shaye D feat South Memphis Lil Meka was created by three long-time friends that reconnected after five years of separation. This is the first collaboration from these artists and the track will make anyone want to break out into a contagious dance. Some people always wanted to be a stripper and live the lavish lifestyle of one too. This is not just a twerk song, ‘Wanna Be A Stripper’ is a peek into the new wave of hip hop and it connects the LGBTQIA community with other preferences. One of the artists is a part of that community and she actually dances like a stripper!

The artists are all about having fun and enjoying life through the art of music and personal connections with fans, therefore their song is fun and has a strong party vibe.

Influential figures for the artists are Soulja Boy, DJ K Styles, Koffe, UGK. They aim to change the world in a positive way like the music legends from the past.

When asked about their songwriting process, the artists say, ‘What we feel is true and from the heart so we spend three months at a time in the studio with no outside distractions. We try to maintain a healthy diet and exercise before we create a record. We create lyrics before we make a beat and then put all of the pieces together like one big puzzle until we have a song! The overall goal is to make one to three quality songs a day.’

Fans should definitely look forward to the artists’ album that is planned to be released by December 2021.

The artists say that social media for them is not about having a lot of followers, it is about how you connect and interact with the followers you already have. Five people can go a long way especially if you know how to connect with them on a personal level. They also send a warm message to their fans, ‘Thank you all for supporting us as human beings first and then as artists. It feels good to stop and realize how similar we are as humans first, treating people how you want to be treated can go a long way, thank you!’

 Listen to ‘Wanna Be A Stripper’ on SoundCloud.


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