‘Gone With The Wind’ by Eryn Young Is An Emotional Journey Towards Self-confidence

‘Gone With The Wind’ by Eryn Young was inspired by the feeling of being stuck in a relationship you knew was never meant to last, and begs the other party to recognize that by letting you go. The lyrics are an intimate look into the feeling of being held back, missing your full potential and the slow build in confidence to set yourself free. The song aims to spread an anthemic feel to the decision to prioritize yourself and the freedom found within the uncertainty of the future after walking away.

The artist says, ‘I believe listeners have really connected with ‘Gone With The Wind’ as I made it my priority to convey the emotional journey towards self-confidence throughout the song in order for listeners to be able to relate to the feeling, rather than the specifics of the experience that led to the song. ‘Gone With The Wind’ is by no means a sad piece, instead it reclaims one’s own power and calls upon listeners to choose themselves, to realize their own value.’

Eryn Young’s music blends dreamy, expansive vocals with infectious synth-pop anthems inspired by aggressive trap beats and chill alternative pop instrumentals. Eryn Young’s lyrics draw in listeners for an intimate expression of emotion with lyrics lacking no attitude.

One of my greatest inspirations for the artist is Halsey’s Badlands album, as Eryn has always found herself drawn to mysterious dark pop sounds, paired with compelling and eerie lyrics. She also looks up to Taylor Swift’s ability to convey emotion and heartbreak through her powerful storytelling, transporting listeners into the genuine feeling.

Generally, the artist writes full or partial lyrics for a song before enhancing their power with instruments and sounds. However, for ‘Gone With The Wind’ she first began with the top synth melody. It was something that as soon as she heard it, she knew exactly what she needed to say and how to tell a truly fascinating story. She ended up writing the full lyrics as they are today in one sitting, and shortly after reached out to the amazing producer Kevin Charge and vocal producer Jon Asher to complete the song.

Eryn is currently finishing up her debut EP that will be releasing towards the end of 2021. The details are still hush-hush but there are so many unique tracks she knows her listeners will really enjoy and be surprised by.

The artist’s dream collaboration, and reason for having the confidence to release her own music, is to work with BTS. They are true artists who pour everything they have into their music, and really bring it to life with productions including music, dance, acting, visuals and so much more. Eryn admires their artist talent, extreme work ethic and their morals as people.

Eryn loves receiving feedback from listeners on social media, in order to be able to continuously improve and release art that is even more so comforting. ‘It’s really exciting to see people interact with your art and feel less alone thanks to your creation, especially when it means so much to you and is truly personal.’

Eryn wants to thank her listeners and supporters. She has always loved music and knew she wanted to release the songs she’s been writing since before she was 8 regardless of them blowing up or not. To see how much fun listeners have been having with ‘Gone With The Wind’ has been so mind-blowing for her and creating music is more than a dream come true.

Listen to ‘Gone With The Wind’ on Spotify.



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