G-Menez Sings About Turning Your Flaws Into Strengths In His Song ‘Purgatory’

G-Menez‘s songs have dark vibes accompanied by aggressive vocals that set an ominous, demonic environment. The heavy bass and chilling bells add to the hostile tone. His sound was inspired by contemporary, popular horrorcore, death rap, rap metal, and other sub-genres of trap music. He has always been attracted to the sounds of rock and trap together and it is his goal to perfect a hybrid style of his own in this field.

He admires the double vocals and the changing tones and flows of Ghostemane and Pouya. Ramirez is another artist he studies in terms of lyrical structure. His musical influences also include $uicideboy$ and some other mainstream artists like Tech N9ne, Logic, and Joyner Lucas who inspired him to adopt a fluid, dynamic flow structure. 

The story behind his song “Purgatory” is about a demon child that was born from the sin of wrath in a space that is brimmed with chaos, despair and death. As the demon child grew older, he yearned for a sanctuary that he could call home. Unbeknownst to him, the demon child was “cursed” to forever wander, suffer, die and resurrect in the deep abyss of Purgatory. As eons passed, the demon child grew cold and heartless blinded by his rage, fury, and misery.

Unable to control his wrath, he had burned and pushed away the people who loved him dearly. His insecurities and negative emotions thrived, making him weaker and weaker every day ,finding himself near death’s door. But one day, a shed of light pierced the dark, clouded skies accompanied by a voice that told him to master the flames that consumed him, utilize his flaws as strengths to bring peace to the atrocious, chaotic realm he lived in.

From that point on, the demon child vowed to fulfill the mission entrusted to him. Shedding blood, sweat, and tears, the demon child grew humble yet prideful, patient yet antsy, kind yet unmerciful, weak yet powerful. Because he was born as an imperfect being, the now demon prince recognized this and committed his life to grow to become a better, stronger being. Now ruling over his domain after centuries littered with hardships and misery, he journeys to uncharted territories for conquest.

The artist said: “The lyrics tell a story of someone who is a native to a chaotic, depressing realm I label as Purgatory. The song illustrates struggle, misery, agitation, and hostility.”

The EP ‘Purgatory’ was released June 24th, 2020. Consisting of six tracks, the EP is off to an amazing start accumulating 2.2 thousand listeners, 2.4 thousand streams, and 1 thousand followers on Spotify within a week of its release.

As he was structuring his EP Purgatory, the central theme revolved around the concept of angels, demons, war and purgatory. He visualized a setting and projected it through the synchronization of the beat and his vocals. His flow adapts to the mood and structure of beats, making it easier to develop lyrics.

His preferred approach to lyric writing includes listening to instrumentals that appeal to him. However, he continues to grow as a freestyle rapper, forming rhythms, flows, and potent lyrics on the fly. He often has to resort to the recording app to capture his creative ideas. Overall, his preferred method to appeal to the audience’s emotions is through careful analysis of beats. He spends a couple hours writing a verse, and another few hours to complete the song.

He loves to connect and work with other artists and producers. As a growing artist, he is open to collaborations with Hip Hop, R&B and rap artists. He is attempting to perfect his style in trap but he also researches different beats that offer specific moods. He does the recording, mixing, and mastering with his personal home studio, utilizing Pro Tools 12, Scarlett Solo Focusrite 3rd generation, Shure SM7B dynamic microphone and his personal gaming laptop.

It is prudent to maintain a healthy, flourishing relationship with fans on social media. Social media offers G-Menez a way to show his everyday life and music process to his fans. On top of that, social media is also key to networking and connecting with other talented individuals. He is currently using it to seek a talented Latino artist because he believes Latinos are horribly misrepresented in the entertainment industry.

He wants to thank all his fans for giving him and his music a chance because he could not have gotten where he is now without their support. He says that there is still much more work to be done, including achieving his dream of establishing an indie record label in Monterey county, California to support local Latino artists with their endeavors. 

In regards to his passion for music, the artist said: “Music to me is like water; I just cannot live without it. As someone who struggled with ADHD, music offered me an escape from reality constructing my own world through daydreaming during school, work, and everyday life.”

Listen to ‘Purgatory’ by G-Menez on Spotify.



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