‘I’ve Had Enough’ By Joe Day Is For All The People Who Just Broke Up With Their Toxic Ex

Joe Day‘s sound is a mix of hip-hop and pop punk. His music is influenced by the likes of blink 182, Sum 41, Neck Deep and Machine Gun Kelly. He has been getting into more trap music recently and is a big fan of Juice Wrld, 24k Gldn, Landon Cube, Sueco and The Kid Laroi. He loves the bridge between trap and pop punk because of the unique sound; the fusion of genres is what gravitates him towards it.

I’ve Had Enough” is a song from his debut EP ‘Self Medicated’. The EP consists of 5 songs and this song is the first one; it sets the tone and feel for the rest of the EP. The artist wrote the song after going through some major emotional trauma, so it’s about picking yourself back up and trying to move forward in life after hitting rock bottom. He dedicated the song to his ex, who was the reason for his breakdown, to tell her that he is doing better off without her. 

Most, if not all, of us have experienced heartbreak before and that’s what makes this song so relatable. The feeling of wanting to move on and be better off without them is something that is clearly reflected in this song. In a cheeky way, it’s a flex on his ex to show off how well he’s doing now.

Joe’s lyrics come from feelings or emotions that he’s experiencing at the time. He usually has a small melody in his head when he writes something down. When he gets inspired, he picks up his guitar and starts recording small loops and building chord progressions and melodies around it. He doesn’t need music to come up with lyrics but he prefers to build a track, then write vocal lines that really fit. 

The artist said: “After producing the track and adding the drums and bass to it, I sit down and listen to it, incorporate how I was feeling and start writing about that.”

All of Joe’s songs are self-produced. He records the vocals and instruments in his home studio and does a rough mix before releasing the video to Instagram. For his major releases, he turns to “Make Pop Music” on YouTube and has Austin Hull mix and master the song.

He loves to perform in his hometown with a good PA system. He does a lot of live looping by playing percussive hits on his acoustic guitar and when the system is bumping, so are the drum loops! DVBBS are his hometown heroes and he’d love to collaborate and perform with them someday, along with some of his favourite DJs like Chill Pill. Joe’s dream is to make a song with Travis Barker some day.

Social Media is an important platform for him to connect with his fans because it gives them an inside look on his life: who he is and what he’s like. He loves showing his fans what his personality is like and social media is the perfect way for that.

Joe has been chasing this dream since he was 4 years old and he’s extremely happy to have finally started on his journey. He is extremely grateful to everyone who has supported him and helped him on his journey, even if they listened to his music just once.

Listen to ‘I’ve Had Enough’ by Joe Day on Spotify.


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