Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 10/11/13 – The Belle Weather

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week brings a combination of power, melody, and emotion, and live energy to their sound in a truly unique blend. The Belle Weather are best described as an indie/alternative band, but their sound expands far beyond the conventional alternative label. While it is normally relatively easy to compare artists to similar artists, The Belle Weather are a truly different outfit altogether. In essence, they’re like one part Death Cab, one part Dave Matthews, a little Mumford and Sons, one part Pearl Jam, and a whole lot of parts of other bands. This is a band that isn’t trying to sound like anyone else. They sound like The Belle Weather.

Their biggest influence, though, is their love of performing live. One listen to their recorded tracks, and you can get that sense instantly. This is a band that meshes well with one another, a vital component for a lively performance. When listening to their recordings, it’s easy to envision them turning out the same songs in a dimly lit bar, with a crowd hanging on their every note. Their general passion for music is showcased in their range, as well. While some songs are alive and kicking with a heavy bass drum, others like “Come and Gone” revolve around a beautiful, haunting violin. Whether they’re upbeat and full of the live energy, or slowing things down a bit, you can hear the passion in frontman Eric Cox’s delivery. Along with the accompaniment of bandmates Steve Spalding, Ian Cox, and Tom Abromitis, The Belle Weather can put you into any mood you’d like, with a vivid, distinct sound. Stream the video for “The Accomplice”, the first single off of their debut album “Hold On” below. For the full effect, go see them live. You’ll be glad you did.

For more of The Belle Weather, check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation, and their website.

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