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RECAP: Arte Para Todos 2017

In a city that is known for music festivals and block parties, Arte Para Todos is unlike any other. By celebrating Milwaukee’s neighborhoods, and with the mission of giving money to local schools’ arts programs, there’s a lot of social good to go along with the chance to see a huge variety of Milwaukee artists play live. We got the

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Breaking And Entering Presents An Evening With Klassik and Vincent VanGREAT

Our “An Evening With” concert series is ending for the season, and we’re excited to close out the season by bringing Klassik and Vincent VanGreat to The Tonic Tavern! Cover is only $5, and there will also be a special on Rolling Rock, as well as craft cocktails from Great Northern Distilling. Come early and be noisy, because the show

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AUDIO: El Shareef, Mike Regal, and Vincent VanGREAT – “Hustle Life”

The Uni-Fi Records crew has consistently been putting out quality hip hop for years, and the lesser known component of that have been their one-off singles. The latest single, which definitely shouldn’t be overlooked, is “Hustle Life” by the trio of El Shareef, Mike Regal, and Vincent VanGREAT. Produced by the White Russian and Mammyth, the track has a hell

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VIDEO: Vincent VanGREAT – “Radical”

Music, and music videos for that matter, have always been an outlet for expression. Tensions are high in Milwaukee, especially with recent actions from a good-for-nothing sheriff that won’t be named here, and then there’s that whole president thing. Needless to say, there’s considerable frustration, and Vincent VanGREAT uses his latest video as an outlet to express what we’re all

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AUDIO: AUTOMatic – “Marathon”

After a slew of great singles, AUTOMatic’s “Marathon” is now available in full today. The album contains eleven tracks of authentic Milwaukee hip hop, and a handful of features from artists around the city. This is the sound that is reminiscent of a different era of hip hop, sometimes revered as the “golden era”. Trellmatic and APRIME do what they

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