AUDIO: Vincent VanGREAT Featuring Bo Triplex – “A Message”

Vincent VanGREAT is back, and as he describes in the first verse of his new track, “A Message”, he’s about to switch gears. The new track, featuring New Age Narcissism / Bo & Airo member Bo Triplex, has a decidedly different sound from most of anything that VanGREAT has put out so far. Rather than opting for straight hip hop, there’s more of a poppy sound, a la artists like N.E.R.D. or “The Love Below” era Outkast. We also get live bass on the production from Triplex, who began his career rapping. Vincent VanGREAT takes the Summerfest stage on July 6th, with an afterparty that night to coincide. Check out the new freshness with “A Message” below:

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