VIDEO: Vincent VanGREAT – “Radical”

Music, and music videos for that matter, have always been an outlet for expression. Tensions are high in Milwaukee, especially with recent actions from a good-for-nothing sheriff that won’t be named here, and then there’s that whole president thing. Needless to say, there’s considerable frustration, and Vincent VanGREAT uses his latest video as an outlet to express what we’re all feeling. While this isn’t always VanGREAT’s outlook on the world, he takes a track co-produced with Q The Sun, and uses it to vent his feelings. On top of that, which shouldn’t be overlooked at all, he encourages the world to spread love in a message before the video begins. Express your frustrations, but spread love. That’s the America we should be striving for. Get out the anger with the video for “Radical” here:

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