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AUDIO: WebsterX – “Daymares”

After much planning, a complete revision, and an extensive amount of anticipation from the Milwaukee music scene, it’s exciting to say that “Daymares”, the debut album from WebsterX, is here. Released through his recently signed distribution deal with Closed Sessions, Web premiered the album early via The Fader on Thursday, and it will hit all major online retailers tomorrow. There’s

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VIDEO: Vincent VanGREAT – “Radical”

Music, and music videos for that matter, have always been an outlet for expression. Tensions are high in Milwaukee, especially with recent actions from a good-for-nothing sheriff that won’t be named here, and then there’s that whole president thing. Needless to say, there’s considerable frustration, and Vincent VanGREAT uses his latest video as an outlet to express what we’re all

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AUDIO: Queen Tut – “Cantaloupe”

Queen Tut burst onto the Milwaukee hip hop scene last year, and her latest single shows that she is here to stay. “Cantaloupe” is a declaration of the Queen’s reign, backed by New Age Narcissism’s Q the Sun. Part Nicki Minaj, part MIA, the track is relentless, and so is Queen Tut. Step back and let her do damage. Check

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