VIDEO: Lex Allen Featuring Taj Raiden and Q The Sun – “Venus And Serena”

Lex Allen is nothing short of an enigma at this point. The local R&B talent has evolved significantly in the past few years, becoming his own personality, unlike anything else in the Milwaukee music scene. The ability to mix R&B, pop, hip hop, house, and anything else in between is something that feels like a very one of one trait; it’s not something that can be pulled off well, but Lex manages to do so with ease. That mixture of styles is on full display with his newest video, “Venus And Serena”, directed by Kyle Kadow and Steven Cleavland.  Featuring Taj Raiden and Q The Sun, Lex holds nothing back, bringing a hip hop swagger to a presence all his own. We get a tamer verse than most from Taj Raiden, but it still is delivered with a commanding energy. The future looks incredibly bright for Lex, Taj Raiden, and New Age Narcissism, and you can see where they’re headed with the video for “Venus And Serena” below:

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