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VIDEO: Clayton – “So In Love”

R&B star Clayton dropped the video for “So In Love” off his sophomore EP “Tempting Fate.” The moody jam is adorned with twinkling guitars and ethereal vocals with the video depicting Clayton and his girl going through the good and the bad in their relationship. The song is about tumultuous love; the imagery of dark lighting and nighttime drives feels

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AUDIO: HymnWho – “Ultraviolet Wave”

Eclectic artist HymnWho recently dropped a new album. Incorporating pop, R&B, hip hop and electronica over nine tracks, HymnWho is putting emotions to whatever feels right to him in the moment. He’s got passionate love to give all over this record while favoring synth-laden production, atmospheric vocals and enthusiastic utility of his voice. Deshun Jetson appears on the final song,

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AUDIO: Jacob Latimore – “Selfish”

R&B star Jacob Latimore’s latest single is one about communication breakdown between lovers. Latimore ponders why the other person isn’t meeting his needs while assuring them that things could be better between them. He reflects on how he lost himself before but then got it together, and he’s waiting on his lover to do the same despite all the pressure

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AUDIO: Just Becca – “Elevate”

R&B artist Just Becca follows up her debut single with new song “Elevate.” She’s high on life here and looking to relax her way into new levels. Becca’s in tune with herself; her heart’s speaking to her and she’s making her way to the top. It’s a positive, uplifting moment from Just Becca and we look forward to seeing how

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VIDEO: Chala Shirae – “Turn Out the Light”

R&B artist Chala Shirae dropped a new single and video this summer. Shot by Daniel Ramos, the visuals find Shirae laying across the bed, sitting in an ornate chair fanning herself, and out by the shore singing with the waves. Shirae can’t get someone out of her head and she’s staying up texting them every night; they keep crawling back

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