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SolÅce: Creating Catchy And Danceable Tunes, This Artist Will Pull You To Your Feet With A Beat To Remember

Artist SolÅce is back to explore the depths of catchy and danceable music in his latest track, Better Man 4U. Whilst based on a real-life experience of the artist himself, SolÅce hopes to capture the message that women should never settle for anything less than they deserve in a relationship. This powerful vocal delivery speaks to listeners from the start

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Tribal East: This Toronto-Formed Rap Collective Will Have You Humming The Catchy Melodies Long After The Track Has Finished

Tribal East has successfully managed to earn itself a loyal fanbase after creating an international buzz both with in-person shows and online music videos. After the Tribal East members’ shared hometown, Hargeisa in Somalia, and shared passion for music brought them together, this rap collective has never looked back since. They produce unique vibes with a combination of catchy melodic

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EVERYSECND: This artist provokes thought with bold opinions that make people question our current society

EVERYSECND is back to captivate his fans with his latest track, Not A Problem, which focuses on confident females and how this artist sees no issue with being with a sought-after woman. Admiring women’s natural beauty and attractiveness, EVERYSECND delivers this message in an upbeat mixture of R&B and pop genres to entertain his listeners. This artist takes pride in

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