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VIDEO: Maalik F – “Belichick”

Hip hop artist Maalik F has a new video out shot by CTM Films. F drops bars about chasing checks without breaking sweats, riding in a spaceship, rolling like the Goodfellas, and feeling like Frozone. He’s going to get what he’s after no matter what, flexing confidence over complacency. All of this is accompanied by shots of him getting tattooed,

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AUDIO: With – “Rusty Gun”

Electronic soul duo With have one last single out before the end of the year. Having an uplifting quality that takes you by the hand, the song features two vocalists that seeking the wisdom of moving up in the world. Time is getting ahead of ourselves and we look to higher powers for answers, and this tune touches on such

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AUDIO: Trinity Grace – “Never Leave Ya”

R&B artist Trinity Grace dropped a new single a few weeks back. Filled with 808 pulses and enchanting vocal layers, Grace sings about that person she fell head-over-heels for just like they do in the movies. She couldn’t ever imagine letting them go; they make the room feel hot like she’s got a fever. It’s a song about temptation and

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VIDEO: Destinee Lynn – “Pick A Side”

Hip hop artist Destinee Lynn has a new video out shot by OjDidIt. Here, she’s throwing aside all the bullshit, telling you to either ride with her or take a walk. She’s got trust issues and isn’t playing around. It’s her moment of separating the fake ones from the real ones, so you’d better choose wisely. Destinee Lynn finishes off

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AUDIO: MNTRY – “MJ Essentials”

R&B artist MNTRY’s new single is about a woman who’s “Michael Jackson Bad.” She’s got so much to love about her; the ones before MNTRY were foolish to let a woman like her get away. He’s happy he’s got her now and wants to personally thank her mom and dad for bringing her into the world. It’s a sensual banger

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Wibby White: Delving Deeper Into His Musical Talents, Wibby White Surprises Fans With A New R&B Drop

Wibby White is delving deeper into making his mark on music, writing, arranging, and co-producing his new track, Soo Alone. This track pleasantly surprises fans with its mid tempo R&B sound, deviating from White’s usual EDM pop songs. The relatable lyrics coupled with an infectious chorus creates a composition that fans across the globe can connect to, with this track

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