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Natalie Carr Sings About Past Mistakes in Her Song ‘Fate’

Natalie Carr is a singer/songwriter from Stamford, CT, who is currently based out of Charlotte, NC. Carr got her start learning to play piano and guitar at a young age and turned to writing her own lyrics as she grew up. Since 2019, Carr has been releasing singles in the Pop/R&B lane and takes influence from crossovers artists such as

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‘Why Oh Why’ by Casey Makes You Question Your Life Choices

‘Why Oh Why’ by Casey was inspired by a time when the artist was failing to pay loans for school because all the money he had went on creating music. The artist admits, ‘I was too stubborn to ask for help with my payments, and I was also struggling with my grades. I was up late one night wondering, why

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Feeling Thirsty? Listen to Pace Brown’s Refreshing New Song ‘Cola’

As a music artist who grew up in Harlem, Pace Brown started playing different instruments at a very early age. His family not only loved his work but also encouraged him to indulge in different music styles and types. This immersive experience helped to develop his unique sound and emotional sentiments his work carries.  The artist’s new song ‘Cola’ is

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‘Fall’ by Josh Kab Is a Song of Multiple Parts that Connect Into a Short Story

Since Josh Kab’s song ‘Fall’ was originally too long, he had to break it down into multiple parts. Part one concentrates on falling for someone but not knowing how they feel in return and hoping for the best. The following parts will continue the storyline of falling for this said person. The artist says, ‘I think this song has a

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‘Sideline’ by Desmond Parson (feat. Sha’Dava): a song about lovers who can’t be together

Born in Washington D.C. in the mid 70’s, Desmond Parson’s interest in music peaked at the age of 4 when his grandmother would play albums by Gladys Knight and Teddy Pendergrass. However, it was one artist in particular that would forever change his understanding of music, Stevie Wonder. From joining singing groups in high school to presently directing his own

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VIDEO: BriJon – “Ready or Not”

Emerging R&B artist BriJon has a new single and video out. Directed by Jacob Rinks, BriJon grooves around in an illuminated space and is shown laying in a bed of rose petals. Her feathery voice irresistibly charms us; she knows exactly what she wants and sets a sensual, provocative scene to reflect both self-love and a yearning for intimacy. BriJon

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