AUDIO: WebsterX & Q The Sun – “KidX”

Everything that New Age Narcissism does lately seems to be turning heads in Milwaukee. The movement, quarterbacked by WebsterX, is known for expanding their sound, regardless of genre, into something completely different and unique. Enter “KidX”, the EP from WebsterX and Q The Sun, which is in part an homage to Radiohead’s “Kid A”. In a post on Facebook, Q The Sun explains that “KID A presented a whole new sound, based on electronic, programmed drums, keyboards and synthesizers. it was a huge risk for (Radiohead), a risk that their record label was initially very reluctant to take. but when the album was released it debuted at #1 on the american billboard chart, the band’s first #1 debut.” This is definitely a departure from WebsterX’s “Desperate Youth” but a glimpse into the future of what is in store for NAN. Check out the EP below:

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