AUDIO: Vincent VanGREAT Featuring Blizz McFly – “Bel-Air”

Stop whatever it is that you were playing in your car today, and put this on instead. SAFS Crew members Vincent VanGREAT and Blizz McFly are back with a bang, and “Bel-Air” is that track that you need to rattle your trunk on a warm day. Inspired by The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, VanGREAT and Blizz take on some retro-sounding production with their never-ending rhymebook and style, which you can’t help but nod to. There’s a feel of everything that you loved about The Cool Kids on this track, and there’s no complaints there whatsoever. SAFS Crew is always looking poised for a monster run, and 2016 may just be the year that it happens. Check out “Bel-Air” below:

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