AUDIO: Vincent VanGREAT – “UnGREATful”

With a steady buzz building over the last year or so, Vincent VanGREAT has established himself as one of the rising stars in the Milwaukee hip hop scene. To capitalize on that buzz, VanGREAT’s first album, “UnGREATful”, was released recently on Uni-Fi Records. Completely produced by VanGREAT himself, this is a one-man showcase, with a who’s who of Milwaukee hip hop serving as a supporting cast. Genesis Renji, Dana Coppa, Yo-Dot, Blizz McFly, Cincere, Klassik, fellow SAFS Crew members Deb.On.Air. and RTystic, Ray Rizzy, Pizzle, Tay Butler, SPEAK Easy, APRIME, and Signif all are featured on “UnGREATful”. If you’re keeping score, that’s the majority of names that have had a huge impact on Milwaukee hip hop for quite some time. All in one project. Check out “UnGREATful” below:

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