AUDIO: Vincent VanGREAT Featuring Dana Coppafeel and MC OneSelf – “I’m The Man”

Uni-Fi Records artist Vincent VanGREAT returns with his latest single, “I’m the Man”, featuring fellow Uni-Fi artist Dana Coppafeel and Milwaukee’s MC OneSelf. Sonically, this is a step in a different direction for VanGREAT, embracing a sound beyond the hard-hitting, backpack style hip-hop that Uni-Fi as a label has become known for. Produced by resident Uni-Fi artists Mammyth and The White Russian, as well as Vincent VanGREAT, “I’m The Man” invokes the sound and feel of bands with diverse sounds, like N.E.R.D. and The Transplants. Dana Coppa and MC OneSelf are up for the challenge of a guitar-driven track, with guest vocals that prove their style can adapt to any sound. With the combination of a hip hop attitude and punk rock energy, “I’m The Man” is a jolt of adrenaline for your speakers. Check it out here: