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AUDIO: Thomas Cole – “Up In Smoke”

Thomas Cole

“Up In Smoke” by Thomas Cole by Electropoint has got us moving! This track takes us on a wild ride, breaking all the damn rules and serving up an exhilarating trip. These guys take no prisoners, blending electronic and pop elements. The result? A mind-blowing fusion of atmospheric melodies and vocals. “Up In Smoke” is all about soul-searching and finding

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AUDIO: Thomas Cole X Nathanael Hall – “Free Fallin”

With the release of “Free Fallin”, Thomas Cole and Nathanael Hall have proven once again that they are masters of their craft. The release carries a powerful message that delivers its punch with vigour! “Free Fallin” is about coming to terms with one’s own value and accepting the fact that we can’t make everyone happy. It is all about having faith

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AUDIO: Thomas Cole – “Late To Bloom”

“Late To Bloom”, the latest single from Thomas Cole, elevates him to an even higher level of appeal than he already possessed. It’s now available to stream on all of the major streaming providers, including Spotify. In addition to carving out a new path for himself, the New York-based singer continues to treat the ears of individuals who enjoy the

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AUDIO: Thomas Cole And Lizzie Allyn – “Fairy Tales”

‘Fairy Tales,’ a new electronic pop release from Thomas Cole, is out now. It’s a track that comes hot on the heels of his recent smash, ‘Cringe,’ and the New York vocalist charms like there’s no tomorrow once more. Thomas Cole teamed up with Lizzie Allyn to take his sound in a new direction. They have a particular musical style,

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AUDIO: Thomas Cole – “Cringe”

Thomas Cole has enthralled the music world once again with his new single “Cringe,” in which he collaborates with his best friend, EJ Garlands. Everything in the song shouts “wow,” and the singer isn’t afraid to build a structure that allows for almost anything. It’s an exhilarating new release dedicated to all people who celebrate pride, as well as standing

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