AUDIO: Thomas Cole – “Execute The Vision”

Electronic pop singer Thomas Cole is back, and he paves the way forward for the EDM scene with his latest release, ‘Execute The Vision’.

If you have been pining to get back into a club due to lockdown, then this track is for you. Furthermore, it instantly gets the club vibes flowing through the speakers, and Thomas Cole stupefies with a vocal that takes a hint from the best singers in the space.

‘Execute The Vision’ starts with a 90’s dance-esque melody, and it evokes an energy rush that is difficult to hold back. Thomas Cole then quickly reaches for the mic, and he unleashes an innovative vocal which is somewhat similar to a vocal from Chester Bennington. However, it is not a replica of anything which has come before, and Thomas Cole positions himself in a unique corner of the industry.

Musically, the entire track is an endorphin kindled cocktail with an upbeat tempo that will get even your grandparents feet tapping. Likewise, an eclectic range of sounds appears as the track progresses, giving it extra agility and excitement to draw the listener back in time again.

The producer, Electropoint, who worked with Thomas on this release, has a proven track record of dance gems. As a result, his ability to craft a smash hit pays off again with ‘Execute The Vision’. Furthermore, he combines his skill set with Thomas Cole’s vocal, and it creates a winning formula.

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