AUDIO: Thomas Cole – “Late To Bloom”

Thomas Cole is a New York artist who has been on our radar for a number of years. Because of this, as soon as we found out that he had a new album out, we knew that we had to get stuck into it! The name of his new album, which is also the name of one of his earlier singles, is “Late To Bloom,” which is a suitable title for the record given the storylines which unfold. Moreover, this album is about maturing, growing into one’s own, and coming to terms with the realisation that there is no barrier to actually being and being who one wants to be, not even age!

The album kicks off with “Late To Bloom” which is a high-energy dance floor filler that will get you moving in no time. The following track is “Fairy Tales,” and it stars the fabulous singer, Lizzie Allyn. We then transition into a track called “Ticking Time Bomb,” which is not one that I am familiar with but which meets all of my criteria. Next up comes “Execute The Vision”, which is another powerful track and one that has us clinging on for dear life.

After five tracks on the album, Nathanael Hall makes his debut on the album with “Free Fallin,” a collaboration that is a perfect fit between the two artists. After that comes one of Thomas’ most popular singles, “Up In Smoke,” which was his most recent single release before the album. Then, things get a little crazy with “Stay Crazy,” and before moving to an unreleased tune called “This World & The Next.” After that, we are given ‘Cringe’ and ‘Equality,’ and then Thomas wraps it all up with another unreleased future smash called ‘Pass The Baton.’

You can listen here.

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