AUDIO: Thomas Cole X Nathanael Hall – “Free Fallin”

With the release of “Free Fallin”, Thomas Cole and Nathanael Hall have proven once again that they are masters of their craft. The release carries a powerful message that delivers its punch with vigour!

“Free Fallin” is about coming to terms with one’s own value and accepting the fact that we can’t make everyone happy. It is all about having faith in our own instincts and refusing to give in to the pressure that our society puts on us, particularly when we feel the need to impress other people or to persuade other people to recognise the worth that we bring to the table.

Thomas is not a rookie to the scene; he already has a lengthy record of noteworthy releases under his belt; nonetheless, he continues to develop, and this tune is no exception to that growth. In point of fact, it has the potential to be his most successful single to date, boasting a dance-pop atmosphere from the moment it begins.

On the other hand, Nathanael is new to the scene, and he turns in an excellent performance for his first time out. He does not factor into the equation very often, but when he does, his presence is felt, and the weight that he brings to the table is an asset to what Thomas already provides. 

The enormous surge of energy that hits us as soon as this song starts is what immediately stands out to us about it. After the first verse, there is a massive wall of sound that hits us, and after that, all of the sounds join together in unison, leaving us with an entirely new sensation of positive vibes.

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