AUDIO: Thomas Cole – “Late To Bloom”

“Late To Bloom”, the latest single from Thomas Cole, elevates him to an even higher level of appeal than he already possessed. It’s now available to stream on all of the major streaming providers, including Spotify.

In addition to carving out a new path for himself, the New York-based singer continues to treat the ears of individuals who enjoy the best music from earlier decades while also providing a thrilling dancing experience unlike any other. While he enters the market with a well-known sound, it is his edge and excitement that distinguishes him, and he does not hold back when it comes to providing an exhilarating trip for his fans!

The song starts off with a boom and doesn’t let up until the very end! In the mix, the synths swirl around, heaping themselves on top of other blustering bass noises, giving the whole thing greater gravitas. Every now and then, Thomas skilfully changes the structure of his music to keep us guessing what is going to happen next. The speed frequently decreases before more thunderous times, which is a fantastic approach to keep us locked in anticipation.

You can take a listen here.

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