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AUDIO: Tontine Ensemble – “Dogma Protocol”

Classical-improvisational string quartet Tontine Ensemble are out with a new album. Together the four musicians – violinist Allen Russell, violist Molly Lieberman, cellist Pat Reinholz, and double bassist Barry Paul Clark – explore planes of harmonic expression, communicating with one another through thematic determination. With a knack for discovery while also clinging to familiarity when necessary, Tontine Ensemble carefully and

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AUDIO: Teddy Breihan – “The Bernie Symphony”

Classical composer Teddy Breihan is out with a symphony depicting the rise and fall of Bernie Sanders, who spoke to the American people with compassion about the brokenness of capitalism but ultimately could not spark revolutionary change in Washington on his own. Part One maintains hope and optimism, Part Two builds tension through a sense of fierce navigation (like Bernie

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AUDIO: Julia Thomsen – “Paradise”

Julia Thomsen

Julia Thomsen is a composer who plucks at the heartstrings with every release she drops, and there is no exception here with her new piece, ‘Paradise’. Relatively short in length, the track still provides a lot of serenity, and it instantly serenades the senses with a soundscape that matches the current season. Furthermore, the musical arrangement blossoms like a spring

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AUDIO: Mike Neumeyer – “Marimba Maverick”

Classical artist Mike Neumeyer has a new record out. He’s entirely by himself on the marimba, a percussion instrument similar to the xylophone. With each track, Neumeyer conveys variably cheerful and bright emotions through his shining compositions. Each one is named for what feeling or imagery Neumeyer goes for; “Lost in Thought” for example pauses with introspections like attempts to

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Breaking And Entering Presents: An Evening With Rocket Paloma and SistaStrings

Breaking And Entering’s “An Evening With” series is back on December 8th, and we’ll be welcoming both Rocket Paloma and SistaStrings to The Tonic Tavern! Cover is only $5, and there will also be a special on Rolling Rock, as well as craft cocktails from Great Northern Distilling. Come early and be noisy, because the show is being filmed for

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Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 4/11/14 – Bliss & Alice

Are you a Milwaukee musician/band? You can submit your music to be the Milwaukee Artist of the Week by emailing links to info@BreakingAndEntering.net. We’ll check out every submission we get! Sometimes, timing is everything. This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week, Bliss & Alice, emailed me his mixtape, “Poetry Volume One – The Shit Talker Tape” at around 4:30, just

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