AUDIO: Julia Thomsen – “Paradise”

Julia Thomsen is a composer who plucks at the heartstrings with every release she drops, and there is no exception here with her new piece, ‘Paradise’.

Relatively short in length, the track still provides a lot of serenity, and it instantly serenades the senses with a soundscape that matches the current season. Furthermore, the musical arrangement blossoms like a spring flower as it progresses, and it boasts a beautiful picture that is memorable with calm quality.

Hailing from Scotland, Julia Thomsen has been around the classical scene for quite some time now, and she has grown into one of the most standout composers of the generation. Moreover, having received national radio coverage for previous releases, she is going from strength to strength. Her new composition ‘Paradise’ could also be the golden ticket to take her to even greater heights.

Clever with her addition of violin, each instrument synergises well in the mix. The new component adds even more flair to Julia Thomsen’s backlog with a new approach that is unique and captivating. As a result, it is difficult not to return to this after listening for an extra fix of tranquillity.

Overall, ‘Paradise’ paves the way forward for classical compositions. It does not reinvent the wheel too much, but it brings a new fresh edge to the scene, and the simplicity proves that keeping it straightforward is often the best approach.

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