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AUDIO: Jake Marin – “Impatient”

Experimental artist Jake Marin’s new release is a fifteen-minute long ambient piece. Featuring feathery acoustic guitar and droning singing bowls, it’s a listen that feels anxious but in a subtle way, living up to the song’s name. The drones crescendo in the final moments, elegantly contrasting the guitar. Jake Marin is one of the artists to know in Milwaukee’s DIY

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AUDIO: Psyclopean – “Ex Oblivione”

Psychedelic-ambient project Psyclopean is out with a new record, based upon the H.P Lovecraft story. Building on the visceral desolation Psyclopean has sonically conjured before, the music here feels like loneliness in space at times but stumbling on a desert civilization at others. About halfway through there’s horse samples, as well as someone smoking a bong. Neat, right? It’s certainly

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AUDIO: Psyclopean – “Lost Carcosa”

Dark ambient project Psyclopean (side project of doom band Sleestak) is out with one of the most haunting sonic odysseys you will embark on this year. Done in two parts, the record ventures from the most distant desert planets to the deepest dungeons to the most desolate realms. Dynamic drones, symphonic triumphs, occult tensions, and atmospheric soundscapes all encompass what

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AUDIO: J. Mollerskov – “Ghost Road”

Electronic ambient artist J. Mollerskov recently dropped a new album using Ciat-Lonbarde instruments; he wanted to do the most he could while utilizing limited instrumentation. The sonic tools here are the Plumbutter, Sidrax Organ, Cocoquantus, and Steel Piezo Chimes. The sensations vary from free-floating space in “The Gate” to upside-down worlds in “Catching Birds” to existential anxiety in “Boat Beside

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Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 10/4/13 – Oscifer

Are you a Milwaukee musician/band? You can submit your music to be the Milwaukee Artist of the Week by emailing links to info@BreakingAndEntering.net. We’ll check out every submission we get! While Milwaukee is seeing it’s scene flourish in many genres, most notably hip hop and indie rock (see most of this blog), there are always emerging pockets of talent that

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