AUDIO: Freya Alley – “Big Wild World”

Heaven is on earth, proof? Listen to Freya Alley’s latest release, ‘Big Wild World’. The Lithuanian born singer hypnotises here with a stunning performance which is impossible not to relish.

Now residing in London, Freya pushes into the underground of dark pop with an ambient flavour which charms from the first second. ‘Big Wild World’ opens with a multifaceted piano arrangement which slides between bold and soft notes. It kicks off the story with tangible quality, and Freya accompanies the piano lead with omnipotent character.

Freya opens with a narrative about feeling outcast in an enormous world. It appears the world is a metaphor for feeling alone with a loved one who rarely notices her and instead is preoccupied with everything else going on outside of their relationship. Also, Freya expresses her innate feeling of being a small fish in a big pond.

Vocally, Freya has a unique timbre which is unlike a lot of the modern-day artists. Instead, she brings a Kate Bush type of vibe with her influence from decades previous playing a vital role in her delivery. Also, her words are a healing experience. She is leaving the past behind and moving towards a new chapter.

The music also follows a similar theme, with the tempo picking up as it progresses. Furthermore, the drum rhythm does not arrive until later in the piece, and it feels as though it is a new beginning. The finale is bold and even more daring than what came before, leaving the listener with an inspirational message to keep pushing onward.

‘Big Wild World’ can do no wrong. It could also have multiple meanings depending on how you look at it, and it is what makes it so striking.

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