Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 10/4/13 – Oscifer

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While Milwaukee is seeing it’s scene flourish in many genres, most notably hip hop and indie rock (see most of this blog), there are always emerging pockets of talent that have yet to see a bigger light of day. This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week, Oscifer, is part of an ever growing ambient/electronic scene. With four years of experience under his belt, along with distribution through his own label, Noisy Arcade, Oscifer is ready to emerge along with a host of electronic talent in Milwaukee. His latest release, “Early Losses”, is a showcase of his creativity, and nothing short of an ambient symphony.

From opener “Where Are You Reggie?”, which is begging for Trent Reznor to scream over it, “Early Losses” is a trip from start to finish. In addition to Nine Inch Nails, Oscifer also lists ambient mainstay Aphex Twin, and the influence is apparent. In a way, it’s almost as though this album is a series of mood pieces. Some tracks barely crack a minute or two long, while others like “The Sort of Thing I Put Everyone Around Me Through on a Daily Basis” tops out near the 10 minute mark. There’s emotion to this record, and having that quality in a release is always a plus. Sonically, there’s layers upon layers, putting a listener in Oscifer’s creative space. This record may not be for everyone, but to appreciators of ambient and electronica, Oscifer is a breath of fresh air.

Stream “Early Losses” below in its entirety via BandCamp:

For more Oscifer, check him out on Facebook, Noisy Arcade’s Bandcamp, and Noisy Arcade’s Website.

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