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AUDIO: Dark Psychic – “Burn”

Dark Psychic is a new indietronica duo in town, and they’re out with their debut single. It’s a song about feeling the inferno of love and having the urge to take the person of your dreams on a wild ride. Love has you feeling like a kid again with a sense of infectious wonder. Dark Psychic have begun their catalog

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AUDIO: Goldbloc – “Thirty-Six-Ohmz-Sit-Down-Hot-Boi”

Lo-fi hip hop instrumental artist Goldbloc is out with a new collection of tracks. Ryan King’s latest obsessions grab from different electronic subgenres and collagist inspiration, marked by frequent shifts in pattern sequence. The result is a downtempo excursion ideal for some incense-tinged relaxation; “Perfect Drug” gets mechanically groovy while “PianoMan” is suspenseful techno. King has taken quarantine to focus

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AUDIO: Homerow – “Learning How to Sleep in the 21st Century”

Folktronica project Homerow has kicked the new year off with a fresh album. While gentle as a feather, the emotional conviction here is heavy and powerful, detailing feelings of escaping reality and sanctuary in sleep. There’s tales of hypnosis, being broken up with your former self, reconciliation, and coming to terms with the ways things are. Cloudy weather and pale

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