AUDIO: Spacecrime – “Night of the Beats”

Arthaus Bando as a collective is doing a great job of blurring the lines between hip hop and electronica. The latest release from Bando member Spacecrime, “Night Of The Beats”, continues in that fashion. Beyond a beat tape, this is a full on project of it’s own, with 20 tracks topping out at over 45 minutes total running time. With a glitchy take on trap, and just a little bit of synth glaze added to it, this is in a lane all it’s own. Many of the tracks are smooth, laid back tracks, with just enough electro influence to give you a jolt of energy when you need it. It feels as though the Arthaus Bando model of blending EDM and hip hop is akin to getting peanut butter in your chocolate, giving you the best of both worlds. Check out “Night Of The Beats” below:

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