VIDEO: NVDES – “On My Magic”

Get ready to turn things up to eleven. The latest from LA-based artist NVDES is the over the top track and video for “On My Magic”, a single from his debut album, “Vibe City Utah”. The track, much like the album, is a genre-free dance party. The way that NVDES constructs tracks, however, is unlike many artists, as he takes sections from jam sections, and amalgamates them into party-ready songs like “On My Magic” becomes. The video is visually just as over the top, with the character NVDES named “Molly Milk”, who has a mundane life that gets altered by something new coming to her out of the closet of her room. It’s limitless, wild, party music, and you won’t be able to get enough of it once you initially hear it. Check out the video “On My Magic” below:


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