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AUDIO: August Traeger – “Dead Wisconsin”

If you haven’t noticed, Wisconsin’s climate is not exactly paradise. In fact, other than a solid 3-5 months every year, it’s cold, or grey, or a combination of both, and some sort of precipitation is falling from the sky on us. Experimental artist August Traeger uses this dreary setting as the basis for “Dead Wisconsin”, an EP that combines all

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AUDIO: The Demix – “Python Approach”

The Demix is an experimental artists that manages to blend genres so cleanly that it’s hard to put his style into a specific genre. The latest, “Python Approach” is a grizzly industrial track, complete with distorted vocals, flooded out droning, and so much noise thrown at your speakers that you’re not sure what to do with yourself at one point

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AUDIO: MUSTAS – “Volume One – Barn Sessions”

Look, while we can champion Milwaukee for its up and coming trendy neighborhoods and modern downtown developments, we can’t ignore the fact that Milwaukee is still situated in Wisconsin. This blend of urban and rural, however, can lead to some interesting environments to create music within. Case in point: MUSTAS’ latest, “Volume One – Barn Sessions”. While it may not

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AUDIO: Falling – “Out Of Sight”

The debut album from Minneapolis natives Falling has arrived, and it came in like a bull through a china shop. “Out Of Sight” is a harsh, noisy, experimental album that will pull you in. With a pair of lengthy tracks in “I Can’t See” and “Silence”, the group isn’t afraid to let artistic integrity take over, and in between are

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INTERVIEW: Brett Reagan of CHEW

  Milwaukee’s psych scene is ever-changing, and seems to be constantly growing. Needless to say, when an experimental group comes through the Midwest, Milwaukee should be a must on their list, and a number of bands are finding that out. One band that’s going to learn about it on Wednesday night is CHEW, an Atlanta-based experimental band with an extensive

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