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AUDIO: Mike Neumeyer – “Blue Electric”

Composer and percussionist Mike Neumeyer’s latest edition of his color-centered marimba series focuses on blue. Neumeyer thought of a Crayola marker called “Electric Blue” and just like that the piece became a reflection of the past. His mallet work is busy and shuffling, like all the memories pouring in at once. It’s a blissful blast of nostalgia from Mike Neumeyer,

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AUDIO: Tron Jovi – ‘Bass + Frequency Studies in Dub, Chapter One”

Electronic artist Tron Jovi, half of experimental hip hop duo Guerrilla Ghost, has a new EP out. Combining dub with industrial doom, these six tracks collectively feel like an artistic lesson, and Jovi is the cool teacher that makes learning a blast. It smoothens out the confrontational nature that Guerrilla Ghost is known for while maintaining abrasive texture, showcasing a

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AUDIO: Xexyz – “I Used to Play Violin”

Ambient synth artist Xexyz has a new single out. It’s a gentle, liquid composition that feels like a quiet stroll through a rainforest. The tune plays with the rich colors of nature against shadows, waters, and peeks of sunlight. The cover art is beautifully geometric depiction of that, looking like the carpet in a classroom. It’s always a joy hearing

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AUDIO: Sam Mullooly – “A Balance”

Electroacoustic artist and composer Sam Mullooly released a forty-two minute piece. Lush, idyllic, and elysian, the composition features vocals from Elizabeth Blood and Jackie Willis. It’s an accompaniment to intense reverie and paradisal fantasy, featuring soundscapes embellished by rich texture and delicate electronics. You feel as though you’re watching yourself from outside your body having the greatest day of your

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AUDIO: Nicholas Elert – “A Pressure From Youth”

Experimental electronic artist Nicholas Elert recently began a monthly eight-part “Oblivion Tether” series, and he’s out with the second edition. This is a minimalist one, consisting of heavy drone pulsations adorned by brightly shining synths. It feels like the exploration of where there was once idyllic beauty, of which there’s no more, and we don’t quite know why. Downloading these

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AUDIO: Moustache Bride – “Witch Insulin”

Experimental synth artist Moustache Bride has his second record of the year out. With thirteen tracks, the Bride continues his ventures through computerized dimensions and vast spaces. Every composition is a new journey through electronic sonic planes, and this body of work feels especially wide-eyed. “Future Guilt” is a standout, bringing more abrasive textures that carry a sense of peril.

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