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AUDIO: Sbowe – “Morimus”

Experimental artist and composer Sbowe is out with a new EP. Utilizing electric cello (Rachel Icenogle) and programmed drums (Adrian Harpham), the two tracks here create massive, textural, exquisite movements that feel poetic as they feel intentional. It’s like we’re observing both the gorgeous and tense moments of nature unfold in real time, punctuated by a variety of cello sounds.

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AUDIO: As Oak – “Lake House Sessions”

As Oak are a group whose sound encompasses elements of folk rock, slowcore, experimental and ambient. Their new EP is out today and it’s full of dense soundscapes that give plenty of room for emotive movement. You can tell that the members really listen to one another with patience and intention, bringing an overall somber demeanor that is both sensitive

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AUDIO: Pendrop Poet – “Marked For Deletion”

Pendrop Poet has returned with a new album this week. There’s 17 tracks here that encompass the Poet’s ruminations to the instrumentation of folk, electronica, indie rock and hip hop. It’s a cathartic body of work that seeks to liberate by touching on topics like exhaustion, oppression, revolution, self-ownership and being forced to participate in this capitalist hellscape while alternating

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AUDIO: ThatGuyEli – “My Way”

Alternative artist and producer ThatGuyEli dropped a new single this week. He combines a driving guitar riff with stomping trap production and dreamy vocals as he ruminates on a relationship gone sour. Love’s gotten in the way of life and ThatGuyEli is weighing what’s holding him back versus what’s meant to be. It’s an introspective moment from ThatGuyEli that continues

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AUDIO: Boy Dirt Car – “Sinner or Saints”

Long-running experimental band Boy Dirt Car released new music this week. Recorded live in the studio, these two tracks consist of compositions released on previous tapes, complete with introductive dialogue before each. Laden with cacophonous soundscapes, industrial textures, chantlike passages and haunting samples, “Sinner or Saints” is a 34-minute dedication to Boy Dirt Car’s prolonged journey through noise and improvisation.

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