AUDIO: Docx – “The Gurls”

Producer Docx released their third album at the top of the month. With ten tracks and a vast array of features, Docx continues to challenge conventional norms of pop sensibilities by means of structural, textural and thematic experimentation. While Docx has always embraced collaboration and stylistic defiance with their output, they never cease to push the envelope with each sonic exhibition; there’s plenty of fun and playful elements to the verses and hooks, while Docx’s production invokes atmospheres that are variably brooding, cathartic and caffeinated depending on their mood. Featured artists here are NEO 10Y, QuaDaDonn, Mariko Miziyaki, Big Dre, Matty Cakes, Luh Kunt, Big PHARMA, Nineishuman, Papi Sabor, Mattela, Inca Galore, Itgirl, Djor, Amina Banks, Dexonia and C4NDYCRUSH. Docx summons a stacked cast for “THE GURLS” – check it out!

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