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AUDIO: Docx – “Better Days”

Experimental artist and producer Docx’s latest single is a burst of hyper electronica. It’s a track about feeling unstoppable and on top of the world, unfazed by foreseeable obstacles. Clocking in at a minute and eighteen seconds, “Better Days” is an intoxicating banger with the vitality to wake you the fuck up and get you going. Docx has been pushing

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VIDEO: Docx – “You Will Not Know”

Experimental pop artist Docx has visuals out to the song “You Will Not Know” from recent EP “Episode 11111111.” With effects by evilVenus, we observe a Hello Kitty-type character moving across the screen like in a video game while shadowy red-and-black figures haunt the background. The protagonist runs pasts increasingly dark messages of discouragement and nihilism, forth towards ostensible doom.

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AUDIO: Docx – “Pick A Seat”

Experimental pop artist Docx is out with some new remixes of a 2020 track. The original version did not have vocals but this release changes that, featuring lightning-fast flow and playful repetitions in the Deathrow edit. Then there’s an interlude that invites you to take not one but *two* seats, and finally ZAYMINATI hops on one, bringing plenty of heat

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